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For those adhering to a gluten free diet, finding gluten free foods can be a challenge, especially when eating out at a restaurant or fast food chain.  Simple things like eating out at a restaurant or cooking a meal are not so simple anymore.  Often, food labeling is not aimed at disclosing gluten.  Especially when first adapting to gluten free diets, the changes can be daunting.  You must find gluten free menus for restaurants, and gluten free recipes for home, but we can help.

Now you can use this site to search for information about the meals served at many popular restaurants, thus reducing the need to find elusive gluten information. You can also connect with others through our forum to discuss and share stories and information, and sign up for our newsletter, filled with useful tips and information.   

Our goal is to provide the best information, to act as a gluten free guide, helping you find information about gluten free diets, and research foods you can eat everyday. Whether you seek this information for yourself or a loved one, we can help you find the recipes and restaurants to make eating out and dining at home an easier process.  Common conditions that cause gluten intolerance include wheat allergy, dermititis herpetiformis (dh), irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), celiac sprue (also known as celiac disease, cd, or just as sprue,and often misspelled as ciliac or seliac).  Some people help maintain a basic diet for celiac kids, or kids with autism, while others choose to live a gluten-free lifestyle (gfl) for dieting purposes, or just for overall health.  No matter what your reasons are, we hope that when you visit a restaurant with friends and family, you will think about how much fun you are having, instead of worrying about the amount of gluten in the food, and when you cook, you will feel confident that the ingredients in the recipe will conform to your health needs.

Please be aware that we try our best to keep an accurate and extensive guide of foods you can eat, but we cannot guarantee this information since it is a compilation of data from many people. Let us know if you ever see any inaccuracies and we will make the necessary changes as soon as we possibly can. Thank you!


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